Our Support Policy

  • Email us at anytime
  • We will get back to you with-in 2 hours
  • edHowever, if any delay occurs, it doesn’t mean that we forgot about you. Some of the issues require testing and analyzing, so we can resolve it effectively.
  • Please note! We do not provide support, if we do not host your site.
  • If we built your site, but we do not host it, we will help with any website issues (that do not have to do with the hosting)
  • Item support does not include:
    1. Customization and installation by another company or hired person.
    2. Significant changes (such as plugins and such)


Lync SEM offers only the best products and services and recommends them to their customers. One of the most important services is HOSTING. Unlike any cheap hostings that usually have limited resources which causes many problems to the site owners, quality hosting gives a client a fair amount of resources sufficient for any website and any task. By using quality hosting you can rest assured that your site will work smoothly.

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