Strategic Link Building


Strategic link building isn’t just about gaining as many links as possible, but about gaining the most authoritative and relevant links possible. In fact, spamming a site with thousands of links from dubious sources is most likely to cause your site to be buried or blacklisted in the long run, quickly destroying any short term gains. Lync SEM focuses on building links the right way, by fostering close, long-term relationships with thought leaders and top organizations in key industries. We’ll help you provide influential sites in your market with informative, engaging content that offers value to readers and hosts while helping increase your website’s visibility.

Our core benchmarks will include metrics like trust, spam, popularity, and authority, which we use to determine where to place the best links for your site. We’ll also look into your competitors’ link profiles as well, to ensure your business is taking advantage of all available opportunities to stay relevant in online conversations. Through white-hat practices, genuine outreach, and a trustworthy approach to acquire quality links, Lync SEM can create opportunities to provide feature articles, guest blogs, or simply gain mentions of your business – all with attributing links – through our conversations and connections with these assets. We can also make sure that this process is coordinated with your other SEO and Internet marketing efforts, ensuring the best results for your business.

Some of the many different industries in which we pursue these relationships include:

  • Healthcare
  • Home Improvement
  • Legal
  • Industrial MRO
  • Machining and manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • And many more

We can not only help find opportunities for link building, but also deliver content that lets your business make the most of the opportunity. Our team of professional writers includes subject matter experts in a variety of fields.  Contact us today and we will help figure out what you need.

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