Analytic Conversion


Of all the things that set Lync SEM apart, our research into analytic conversion is among the most important. Getting clients to your site is only half of the battle in generating leads. It’s just as important to make sure that they’ll take the next steps in your funnel. Our company understands how to implement analytical tools throughout your site to accurately track how visitors use it.

Some of the many different ways we utilize conversion analytics for our clients include:

  • Looking for social mentions
  • Monitoring Key Performance Indicators for sites
    • Bounce rate
    • Time per page
    • Pages per visit
    • Daily/weekly/monthly traffic
    • New vs. returning visitors
  • A/B testing various wordings for offers and site features
  • Improving mobile and tablet browsing experiences
  • Tracking backlinks from referring sites
  • And more

In addition to using conversion analytics to inform our strategies, we also provide individualized information to our customers, so they can see for themselves how their websites are performing.  We’ll show you information about visitors, their behavior, conversion rate, cost per lead, most popular pages, and a wide range of other useful information relating to your account.

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