Got Questions?

We try our best to be as transparent as possible to our clients.  At Lync SEM we believe in hard work and honesty will go pretty far when building relationships.  So here are some frequently asked questions we get.

Do I ever lose ownership of my site?

NO.  We never have ownership of YOUR site.  While we are building the site you will have access to see your site, and at the time of completion you can change the access info if you please.

How many revision do I get on the site?

As many as it takes to get your site perfect.  Now to be completely honest, we cannot get to the very end of a build then completely redesign the whole thing.  But all in all we give the clients ever opportunity to make all the changes they want to make it perfect.

How long will the build take?

That has many different variables.  Generally we give 30-45 days.  That all depends on the size, and the degree of difficulty.  If you want an e-commerce site selling 10,000 different items, then it will take a little longer.

How long until I see results? (SEO)

Google recommends 5 – 6 months for decent results for an SEO Campaign.  We usually will start seeing some in 3 months.  Now if you are running a national or world wide campaign then we typically recommend around 9 months.

How long for PPC? (Pay Per Click)

To be honest, that all depends on how aggressive you are wanting to be with your keywords.  The more aggressive, the more it costs per click.

How will I know you are doing your Job?

You will get a full detailed report every month through analytics and webmaster tools, showing you how your website is doing.  We will give it to you broken down so you can easily understand it, and see the tangible effect we are having on your site.

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